Apartment Melester

The Melester Apartment is a 65 m2 three-roomed apartment that can easily host up to 6 guests. It is located on the first floor of Cesa Dolomia and features a large balcony, a bright, furnished living room with a 32-inch satellite and digital terrestrial TV, a kitchenette complete with dishwasher, fridge with small freezer, microwave oven and conventional oven, and an electric hob in vitreous ceramic. The apartment also has two bedrooms (each of which has a double bed and a comfortable single sofa-bed), and two bathrooms, each with a shower cabin and hairdryer.
Guests have access to a safe and a free Internet connection is provided.

The Mountain Ash (or “Melester” in Fascian dialect) is a sacred tree devoted to the mountain and the earth, which held magic powers according to old Ladin mythology. Today the memories of the ancient customs and traditions linked to this beautiful fruit tree still resonate around these enchanting areas. The small, thin branches of the melestèr, (from the Latin term “aucupium”=”bird-catcher”, named after the use it was put to in the past, as a result of its fruit being irresistible to birds) were used for bonfires that were lit in honour of the earth. According to ancient Ladin legends, a magic staff called a “witch’s hand” was made from the wood of the Mountain Ash tree” and used by diviners in the high areas of the Fascia Valley to find hidden treasures or precious metals; whips made of Mountain Ash were also believed to be magical instruments that would tame bewitched horses. The residents of Ladina also believed that the Mountain Ash had some kind of invisible powers that would effectively protect them from evil spirits; it was therefore used as a lucky charm to ward off lightning bolts and witchcraft. For this reason, the tree was often planted beside houses, just as it is at Cesa Dolomia, to protect those staying there and as a symbol of good luck. And even today common belief states that the bird-catchers’ mountain ash protects the home, the family and its animals from witchcraft, evil forces and pain; this is why it is not uncommon to see the doors of houses adorned with the branches, leaves and red berries of the Mountain Ash (especially in autumn and winter). We hope you will sense a little piece of this intriguing atmosphere when you stay in our apartments, that will welcome you with exactly the same spirit as the Mountain Ash did in times of old…